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We offer the highest quality and most durable screen enclosures available.

Individual components, pre assembled screen panels and completely

engineered kits are all available for patios,porches and all types of outdoor enclosures.


Screening Contractors and Do it Yourself homeowners are welcome to to order individual components from our large inventory.



All it does is keep out a few bugs and insects, so why does a screen need to be this strong?

1. The Magnolia Screen System is more economical to install.

2. It will maintain its attractive appearance for years.

3. It Will Resist Damage From Impact and Weight. The screen material will not sag, relax or run.

4. It is far more resistant to deterioration from exposure from the elements.

The screen comes with a ten year manufacturer's Warranty.

You may never have to rescreen again!

Screen Kit, Underdeck Ceiling Kit Homeowner Installed

The group above and the group below are different views of two separate projects. Compare the interior and exterior views of each group. You will see the advantage of Magnolia Screen's ability to span large areas for an unobstructed view.



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The Magnolia Screen System Components Work Together to Create a Screen of Exceptional Strength.

The Magnolia System consists of PVC coated polyester yarn, warranted for ten years by its manufacturer. The screen is supported by extruded aluminum frames, and the screen is held in its frames by flat vinyl spline.


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How Can a System That Costs More for Each Component be a More Economical Installation?

The screen used in the Magnolia Polyester / Vinyl System is warranted by the manufacturer for 10 years from the date of installation. The typical warranty offered by a fiberglass or aluminum screen manufacturer is one to three years. Thus the replacement cost of aluminum or fiberglass screen will be significantly higher over the years.

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The Magnolia Screen System is supported by our SplineLock frames. The frames come in four shapes to accommodate all enclosure requirements. The complete system includes screen doors with all hardware, the SplineLock extrusions, and a selection of screen material,


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Magnolia Outdoor Living's Screen System offers the Contractor and Do-It-Yourself enthusiast an additional leg up with a screen enclosure project. The magnolia Screen kit includes our help with planning, ordering, and support during the execution of your project. Simply provide us with a sketch of your project, with accurate measurements. Our team will get back to you to complete the planning.

The kit includes:

  • All the necessary extrusions for your framework, including chair rails, if desired
  • We include sufficient screen (16/14 Polyester-Vinyl) spline, fasteners, screws, and all other hardware.
  • One 36" door with closer and mounting hardware.

We used 16/14 Polyester/Vinyl screen to compute our $3.99 price, so other screen materials will increase or decrease the price. These materials include Pet Screen, Florida Glass. 17/20 Polyester/Vinyl, and Fiberglass Screen.

These optional items are available for the Kit

Additional Screen doors, 36", including hardware:

Pet doors:

Small: (8"x8" opening)

Medium: (11"x13" opening:

Large (13"x19 3/4" opening)




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