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What materials are used in your system?

All of the components of the Magnolia under deck ceiling system are manufactured from aluminum. Fasteners are stainless steel screws. The sealant we recommend and provide with your kit is a Geocel tripolymer. For details on this product follow this link.

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I am looking for an under deck ceiling I can install myself. Is this possible with your system?

We encourage homeowners and contractors to install our kits. Information about our kits is available at Magnolia's Kits Page, or our Home Page. We offer consultation with one of our installation experts on the Magnolia System and how it applies to your particular situation. Once the project is begun this support will be available throughout the installation. Our phone support(770 309 3999) is of course available seven days a week. Return to FAQ

Can I have the system installed?

We are manufacturers of custom underdeck ceiling kits.Our systems have been successfully installed by contractors who have been trained in our techniques. The training is free of charge to all. We have a comprehensive instructional video on our site, and a DVD with the same content is supplied to each new kit builder. Each kit is shipped with a printed instruction manual. The system is designed to be installed by anyone with basic construction skills and a few ordinary tools.

We offer comprehensive, in person training at our manufacturing facility, and as of this writing are developing the capability to broadcast this training live over the Web.

We can refer you to a contractor in your area , or you can recommend our training to a contractor of your choice.. Return to FAQ

How much waste material will I be paying for?

Each system is custom built, therefore you do not pay for extra material you do not use. Return to FAQ

I have heard about corrosion resulting from aluminum contacting pressure treated wood. Is this a problem with the Magnolia system?

Aluminum can be safely used in contact with lumber treated with micronized copper wood preservatives. We strongly recommend its use to our kit installers. It is available under several brand names. This link will take you to the University of Tennessee Forest Products Extension’s report on this matter. Furthermore, the Magnolia system does not attach to the existing deck structure, but to a new structure attached to to the existing bandboards. So your deck being built with older, more corrosive treated wood is not an issue for the Magnolia system if you follow our recommendation. There is no contact with your existing deck. Return to FAQ

How long does a typical installation take?

A simple rectangular deck will take an experienced installer and a helper one to two working days to install. Return to FAQ

What can prolong the installation time?

For the kit installer the short answer is, inexperience. We include complete installation instructions with each kit. We hope the installer will take the time to refer to them often and follow them carefully. The basics are covered in our installation summary elsewhere on this site. Our telephone support (770 309 3999)can clarify any puzzling issues. Wiring, bay windows, Cantilevers and other non-rectangular shapes will take more time, even for experienced installers. Return to FAQ

Do under deck ceilings require maintenance?

Periodic inspection should be done every year or two to check for the possibility of accumulated leaf and debris buildup. We make every effort in design and installation to ensure a trouble free experience, but variations in rainfall, the surrounding vegetation and the construction of the deck can all lead to accumulation of debris on an underdeck.

Our underdeck is laid out so that the pitch of the panels is buillt true and smooth so that there is no chance for pooling of water on its way to the downspout. But, over time, there is the possibility that the deck structure may sag slightly, leading to standing water on the ceiling panels.

The exclusive brackets that help support our panels are adjustable to flatten the bottom of the ceiling panel and so send pools of water on to the downspout.

Magnolia is the first underdeck manufacturer to facilitate inspection by designing a system that allows for easy removal of a single panel for ease of inspection. Return to FAQ

Does my underdeck ceiling need to be ventilated?

There is often mold buildup in the enclosed space in an underdeck. there is also the possibility that prolonged moisture will hasten decay of newer "above ground" pressure treated lumber. Because of this we are now offering power ventilation as an option with our underdeck systems. Early evidence is showing a reduced accumulation of leaves and debris as well, thus reducing the need for cleanout. A more in-depth explanation of this question is available here. Return to FAQ

Suppose I  need to get into the space above the ceiling, how difficult is that?

Any panel that is not attached to a ceiling fan, or other through fixture can be easily removed.
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What colors are available?

We offer 28 colors at the present time. Please note that the color palette shown by following the Colors link rely on your monitor settings and resolution for an accurate rendition. Contact us for color chips of actual stock. We stock 30º white. Other colors are special orders and are subject to a small surcharge. Return to FAQ

I have a cantilevered deck. How does the Magnolia system accommodate this?

We treat the area under a cantilever as an entirely separate system. It will have its own ceiling panels, support and drainage systems. Return to FAQ

How much of my headroom will the Magnolia system use?

The ceiling requires a minimum of 2 1/4 inches clearance below the lowest point on the deck above. Our system slopes in two directions. The panels drop 1/8 “ per foot. The pitch from the high point of the gutter to the outlet is an additional 1/16 “ per foot.
This means that a typical 10 by 20 deck will drop 1 1/4 inches in the direction of the ceiling panels and an additional 1 1/4 inches along the gutter toward the downspout.
The high end of the gutter is therefore 4 1/4" below the joists. and 5 1/2 "on the outlet end of the gutter If there is 10 feet of headroom it will be reduced to 9 feet 7 1/2 inches on the high side to 9 feet 5 1/4 inches at the corner next to the downspout. Return to FAQ

Will stains or paint applied to my deck damage the Magnolia system?

No. Of the paints or stains we have investigated, most are harmless to aluminum. However, it is very important to read the paint or stain manufacturers literature, or consult with your paint dealer to confirm this. Return to FAQ

How does the Magnolia System differ from similar products?

Other systems may match some of our advantages. None can offer the suite of features that make the Magnolia system unique.
We offer a smooth, flat, finished appearance. We offer removable panels.

All major components are aluminum. It is lightweight, strong, rust free and will not deteriorate or become brittle with exposure to the elements.
Both the ceiling panels and gutter are slanted to provide drainage.
All the major components are manufactured by Magnolia. We have total control over the quality of the product placed in your home.
The Magnolia system is a free span design. There is no obstruction to the flow of water from the deck above to the gutter.
No flashing is required on most installations.
The system is designed to be installed by anyone with basic construction experience, and a few ordinary tools.
We offer complete support during the installation process. This support includes conference with an experienced installer seven days a week. This is geared to your particular situation. Decks are too variable for a cookie cutter solution.
Any one, or a few of these advantages are offered by other systems. No other system can match this suite of features. Return to FAQ

Can ceiling fans and swings be attached to the Magnolia system?

Definitely. Ceiling fans, porch swings and sling chairs are routinely mounted to our system. In one instance a kit installer ordered four mounts and suspended a bed under his deck. Return to FAQ

I live in a cold climate. Will temperature extremes affect the Magnolia system?

We have shipped kits to the high plains of Colorado and Wyoming and to the Georgia coastal plains with common temperature ranges from the single digits to the high 90’s.  There have been no reported issues with performance under these weather extremes.

Expansion and Contraction: The ceiling panels are fixed to the gutter on one end, while the other end is supported by the wall channels, but not fastened, so there is no resistance to expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations. The system is designed to be installed under the shelter of an overhead deck. The deck will bear almost all of the snow and ice accumulation due to a single event.

Common practice in deck construction spaces the deck boards about 1/4 " to 3/8" apart, If the spaces are wider than that, the floor of the deck should be covered (for example a tarp, or screen material) to prevent excess accumulation. We expect that water falling onto the top of the underdeck ceiling during a thaw will drain normally until the next freeze.
Water seals: We recommend, and provide Geocel 2300 tripolymer sealant. It has a service temperature range of -40 F to 180 F. Return to FAQ

Does the Magnolia System offer a warranty?

The paint on our material is warranted by our supplier for 50 years. Corrosion resistance is dependent on proper installation techniques, detailed in our instructions, and the use of Micronized Copper wood preservatives in the pressure treated lumber. Return to FAQ

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