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The Magnolia Screen System is supported by our SplineLock frames. The frames come in four shapes to accommodate all enclosure requirements. The complete system includes screen doors with all hardware, the SplineLock extrusions, and a selection of screen material,


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1/4" x 3/4

This extrusion makes re screening your existing wood framed enclosure attractive and speedy. It is available only through Magnolia Outdoor Living.

Available in White or Dark Bronze:



Magnolia Extrusion 2 2" x  2"

This extrusion is a rigid structural piece used for framing and supporting a free standing screen enclosure.

Available in White, Dark Bronze and various lighter earth tones:




1" x 2"

This extrusion is typically attached to the floor, or to an existing wall from which the enclosure is built. The 2" x 2" extrusions are attached to these to create the vertical structures.

Available in White, Dark Bronze and various lighter earth tones:




1/2" x 1"

This extrusion holds the screen in spots where there is no need for structural support, nor enough room for larger extrusions.

Available in White or Dark Bronze


This is the flat vinyl spline

It is used to hold screen material in place. The spline is pressed into the groove in the upper right hand corners of the frames (illustrated above). The screen is, of course, between the spline and the bottom of the groove.



The screen doors are 36" wide and include all the hardware shown. They can be fitted for right or left swing.

Available in White, Dark Bronze, Ivory, Sand or Adobe

Door Sweep


Door Closer and Latch Hardware


pet door is more convenient for everyone!

This is a high quality frame Small Medoum & Large. Available in White only:



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