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The Magnolia Screen System Components Work Together to Create a Screen of Exceptional Strength.

The Magnolia System consists of PVC coated polyester yarn, warranted for ten years by its manufacturer. The screen is supported by extruded aluminum frames, and the screen is held in its frames by flat vinyl spline.


The Magnolia Screen System’s screen is composed of polyester yarn that is coated in the extrusion process with solution colored vinyl. The color is not laid upon the vinyl as paint on an aluminum wire. The color is consistent for the life of the screen. The coating is also treated in its solution with a biocide that safely resists mildew and fungus growth. Magnolia’s screen can be subjected to weight and impact stresses that would destroy ordinary screen materials. In the unlikely event that the screen is deformed by a sudden impact, it is the nature of polyester yarns that they stretch and then resume their original shape.

The SplineLock Frame provides the structural support for the Magnolia Screen System. Whatever the screening project, a new free standing pool cover, or a re screen of a traditional wood framed screened porch, these extrusions provide maintenance free frameworks for your project.


Aluminum screen frames are typically manufactured by extrusion, or by roll forming. 
Roll formed frames are created by passing a flat strip of metal through a series of rollers that progressively bend the stock into the desired shape. A tubular or rectangular shape will always have an open seam along its length which weakens the part. Furthermore, a roll formed part will have relatively thin walls compared to an extruded part. Roll formed frames are typical of the frames found in home improvement and hardware stores. They are suitable for small areas such as windows, where unusual strains are not expected.


In contrast, an extruded SplineLock Frame is manufactured by heating an aluminum ingot and pressing the metal through a die of the desired shape. This process produces a seamless extrusion that is exponentially stronger than a roll formed part. An extrusion’s walls may be as thick and as strong as needed by the design considerations. They are the only supports that will accommodate the stresses that Magnolia’s screens commonly withstand.


Screens are held in their frames by vinyl splines that are pressed into a groove with the screen between the frame and spline. A round spline is pressed into a square groove where the bottom of the groove is the same width as the opening at the top. When a screen is stressed by weight or impact, the screen at the bottom of the groove will tend to lift the spline. The straight walls used by a round spline offer little resistance to this lifting action. In contrast, a flat, spline is pressed into a groove where the bottom of the groove is wider than the opening. The flat spline when lifted by the screen, acts to hold the screen tighter against the frame’s walls. The harder the pull, the stronger the grip on the screen, much like a cam-lock strap on a backpack.

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