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How Can a System That Costs More for Each Component be a More Economical Installation?

The screen used in the Magnolia Polyester / Vinyl System is warranted by the manufacturer for 10 years from the date of installation. The typical warranty offered by a fiberglass or aluminum screen manufacturer is one to three years. Thus the replacement cost of aluminum or fiberglass screen will be significantly higher over the years.

The Magnolia Screen System creates an enclosure that is far more resistant to damage from impact or weight than a lesser priced system, so the need for repair is reduced greatly.

The Magnolia Screen System’s screen is more resistant to fading and flaking than aluminum or fiberglass. A large expanse of fiberglass or aluminum screen will soon sag of its own weight. Magnolia’s screen will keep its new appearance much longer.

Magnolia Screen System’s screen is readily available in widths of up to ten feet. This screen is able to span greater distances than ordinary screen, resulting in fewer supports for the screen. This significantly lowers labor and material costs.

The SplineLock frames are maintenance free, whereas wood framed installations are typically accomplished by stapling the screen to the frame and covering the seams with wood trim. This trim needs to be painted, adding to the maintenance and installation labor.

It is clear that the longer life, greater durability, ease of maintenance and lower installation costs make the Magnolia Screen System the most cost effective screen enclosure available.

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