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Why Create a Provision to Adjust the Height of Your Underdeck?

This feature is one of the maintenance actions that looks far into the future to ensure satisfactory performance of an underdeck. 

We have seen that proper installation of the Magnolia Underdeck compensates for the deck above to be uneven or sagging. This means that the underdeck will drain completely toward the gutter.

An older deck floor might be sagging or out of level. What is not always considered is that the settling process may continue, and that a newly built deck may also settle and sag. Thus an underdeck properly installed, may after a few years, develop low spots along the length of its panels. These may hold water.

Magnolia recommends periodic inspection and cleanout. Part of this inspection is to sight along panels that are holding water and debris and to adjust the screws on the long panel latches to remove any low spots.

This will allow the underdeck to continue to compensate for the shape of the deck above.

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